Woolen blanket 100% original

A wool throw of alpaca wool ✓ Super soft, does not itch ✓ Handmade ✓ Directly from Ecuador ✓ Fairtrade. Read more!

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Discover the natural warmth of a wool throw made from alpaca wool. At EcuaFina we sell handmade, sustainable, and super soft woolen alpaca blankets. These throws are suitable for every season and every occasion thanks to the unique properties of alpaca wool. We'll tell you more about that later in the article!

Buy woolen plaid

Rebecca, the founder of EcuaFina, lives in Ecuador and regularly visits the local residents to buy unique and above all fair trade products. The 'locals' receive a fair price for their labor and products. In the webshop, you can now buy a woolen plaid from Ecuador and thus support the population! Also, take a look at the other products, there are special items among them!

Woolen plaids for every season

Whether you are looking for a woolen plaid for those summer evenings when you want to sit outside until late in the evening, or that bleak winter evening when you curl up with a sofa plaid by a crackling fire. The EcuaFina plaids are made of 100% alpaca wool (and therefore not a wool mix!) and have the unique property of adapting to weather conditions. After all, alpacas also cope well in the most extreme temperatures. The Incas soon discovered that the alpacas did not make a sound in inclement weather or at high temperatures. Not much later, the people used their wool for their own clothing, and with success.

Properties of alpaca wool

The fiber of alpaca wool is something special. Alpaca wool is insulating and water-repellent. Rain won't hurt the alpaca - and neither will your new wool throw. It just rolls off like that. The wool is also naturally dirt-repellent. A plaid of the alpaca wool will therefore not quickly become dirty or start to smell. And if that does happen, some airing outside is sufficient. Because it is a hollow fiber, the woolen plaid is wonderfully warm in winter and super airy in summer. A plaid that you can use anytime and anywhere!

Woolen plaids in all colors

At EcuaFina we offer woolen plaids in the traditional colors of Ecuador, we call this the native plaids. These plaids have beautiful colors and are reversible, so you can always switch and create a completely different look in no time. Prefer calm colors? Then opt for the plain plaids. These have no signs and markings, but they do have nice colors. Anyway: with plaid from EcuaFina you will be warm.

Sofa plaid or living blanket

A wool throw is a wonderful addition to your interior. Do you like to have an exotic touch in your home? Then a sofa plaid or living blanket made of alpaca wool is a perfect choice. With the special colors, you really bring a piece of culture into your home. Do you want a nice blanket, but not such an exotic touch? Then choose one of the solid-colored plaids. These should not be missing on your couch - they are wonderfully warm and super soft. You can also use the blankets to style a cozy spot in the house. Drape them over a stool, sofa, or bed. Looks great anywhere in the house!