100% Baby Alpaca Sweater - Beige - Sustainable, Luxury & Unique

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Handmade and luxurious sweater made of 100% Ecuadorian Baby Alpaca in natural colors. Shop this unique item now.
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Material 100% baby alpaca

100% Baby Alpaca Sweater

Are you looking for sustainable, unique clothing made from only natural materials? Then these 100% baby alpaca products are perfect. Take this scarf that one of the 110 indigenous ladies of the various Ecuadorian communities spent over a month on.


Sustainable baby alpaca products

High in the Ecuadorian Andes many communities still live as before, no internet, no contact with the outside world. They live off their animals and the land. In Ecuador there are very few alpacas, the population is estimated around 2000 animals. These animals mainly live in the communities. When the animals are shaved, thread is first woven from the fur, this spinning is really a craft. Then various baby alpaca products are made from this thread. For the production of these unique items we work together with Paqocha. This foundation is in contact with the various indigenous artisans and makes regular visits to these communities.


Baby Alpaca at EcuaFina

The luxury baby alpaca products are very unique because each item is handmade and no machine is used. Because production is very small, there are only a few items in stock in the Netherlands. If you want to place a larger order, please contact us and it can be produced in Ecuador.


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