How to wash & dry alpaca wool clothing

Is washing necessary? Airing it might work too! 

Whether you own a beautiful alpaca plaid, or a poncho, or a Deluxe Originals product made of alpaca wool - one day you’re gonna want to wash it and will ask yourself: how? How do I wash alpaca wool without ruining it? Well, firstly, ask yourself if washing is really necessary. Airing the piece of clothing can be sufficient, too. Is the plaid or item really dirty, as in with spots, or is it just that you have used it for quite some time? In the second case, airing will do the trick. 

Airing alpaca wool clothing

The fur of the alpaca is naturally water and dirt resistant. Therefore, clothing made of alpaca wool doesn’t get dirty easily or quickly. Alpacas must have the capacity to withstand harsh weather, after all. But, they are outside all day and our alpaca plaids are mostly inside, so… It can get a little musty after a while. Like said before, airing it will be enough to get that fresh scent back. But if you really would like to wash it, read below for instructions! 

How to wash alpaca wool 

Washing alpaca wool isn’t difficult, there are just a few things to pay attention to. Don’t put your beloved clothing piece in the washer, because that will surely ruin it. It’s better to hand wash it with a detergent that’s developed for wool. Wash it without rubbing it and do not wring it when you’re done washing. Some washing machines have a special mode for washing wool. You can use that too, but put your wool clothing in a special washing bag. 

How to dry alpaca wool clothing

Drying alpaca wool clothing is different from normal clothing. You can’t put it in the dryer and can’t put it on any heat source, like the radiator. For the best result, dry the wool lying flat, not hanging. If you hang it or wring it, it will get wrinkles or it will lose its shape. That would be such a waste! 

Do you have any questions left about washing alpaca wool? Reach out to Rebecca and she will gladly tell you all about her products! 

Britt Daemen