Is alpaca wool durable?

What is alpaca wool?

Alpaca wool comes from the camel-like alpaca, which lives mainly in South America. Its wool is soft, so soft that you can comfortably wear it directly onto your skin. Furthermore, the wool is much warmer and stronger than the wool of a sheep. It’s naturally water resistant and won’t get any pilling in the washing machine (pilling is the shaping of those ugly little balls on your sweaters). The lifespan of clothes made of alpaca wool is very long. Some call the fiber of the alpaca wool the ‘fiber of the gods’. 

How durable is alpaca wool?

It’s very durable in comparison to other kinds of wool. Also, alpacas are less onerous for the environment than other species. They are kind to the lands they live on and don’t need much to thrive. We will tell you more about that in the next part. 

Choose for durability, choose for alpaca wool! 

If you are a fan of nature and mother earth, you should be a fan of alpaca wool, too. 

  • Alpacas do not feed on vulnerable grounds, instead they will seek higher ground in their natural habitat in the Andes. 
  • Alpacas eat grass and other vegetation without ripping the roots out of the soil. Sheep and goats will also rip out the roots, taking the vegetation much longer to regrow. 
  • Alpacas don’t need a lot of water to thrive (there comes the camel roots), there is plenty of water in the area where they prefer to live. 
  • They don’t need as much food as other species that produce natural fibers. 
  • The dung of alpacas can be used as a fertilizer. 
  • They produce a lot of wool (about 4 or 5 sweaters a year). In comparison to the cashmere goat: for one sweater, you’ll need four goats! 
  • The alpaca fiber doesn’t need chemical treatment: alpacas can have a color range up to 22 colors. The colors can also be mixed. 
  • Alpaca wool is one of the most luxurious kinds of wool and it doesn’t itch.


Alpaca wool has many benefits. It’s durable, does not tickle or irritate the skin and is a warm and luxurious fabric. Alpacas are good and gentle for the earth. EcuaFina offers different products made of alpaca wool. Rebecca buys the products directly from the hard working locals in Ecuador. For instance, take a look at the alpaca plaids, alpaca ponchos, scarfs, Panama-hats and beautiful tagua necklaces. EcuaFina also offers gourmet products such as avocado oil, chocolate and coffee. 

Britt Daemen