Original Mother's Day gifts

How are you going to coddle your mother this year? 

How about an original, sustainable and fair trade gift from EcuaFina? In our store in Zutphen - but also online - you can find many nice and high-quality gifts. From hand-painted pottery from Cuenca to alpaca wool products from Otavalo. And from hand-knotted rugs to real leather bags. Some products are only available in the store, we tell more about these products on the 'Shop Zutphen' page. If you see something you like, don't hesitate to contact us! If you do have time to visit us, we will be happy to help you.

We have listed the best Mother's Day gifts for you.

Gifts under 20 euros

A little present often says enough. This can be a bunch of flowers or her favorite chocolate, but for an original and unique gift you have to come to us.

Tagua jewelry

Our Tagua jewelry is made from the Tagua nut and grows on the Tagua palm. When the nuts are fully cured, they are ground into all kinds of different shapes. The local inhabitants of Ecuador make beautiful jewelry from this, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. The nut itself is white and is also called vegetable ivory. But Ecuadorians love color and therefore dye the nuts in the most beautiful colors. The paint is not completely opaque and that means that you can still see the grain of the cut nut through it.

A Tagua jewelry is a beautiful natural product. The material is light in weight and feels nice on the skin.


Avocado oil

In Ecuador you have huge avocado plantations. Due to the volcanic soil in Ecuador, avocados grow very well there and they make the tastiest oils! In the shop we sell three types of these oils, namely two dressings and a cooking/frying oil. The oils are made from 100% Hass avocados, which are dark brown avocados with a bumpy skin. Very tasty and healthy!

Hand painted pottery

Ecuador has many crafts, including handmade and painted pottery. Because it is made by hand, each item is unique. In the store we have nice coffee and tea cups, flower vases, plates, bowls, figurines and much more!

Please note, the above items are only available in the store.

Gifts under 60 euros

Make your mother happy with an alpaca wool scarf, an authentic hammock or with decorative pillows for the sofa or garden set.

Alpaca wool scarves

Our alpaca scarves are available in the most cheerful colors. They consist of 50% alpaca wool and 50% acrylic. This makes the scarves incredibly soft, warm and light in weight. In addition to winter, you can also use it for a fresh spring day!


Spring is just around the corner and that means we can go outside again. And what could be better than relaxing with the sun on your face?! In addition to all that hard work, give your mother an ultimate moment of rest in one of our hammocks. Our hammocks are still made in the authentic way and are a real eye-catcher in the garden.

Decorative pillows

Decorative cushions make an interior, sofa or garden set just that little bit more 'finished', and give a cozy and cozy atmosphere. Our decorative pillows are made of alpaca wool and cotton and the print is derived from our alpaca wool native plaids. Ideal to combine!


Gifts from Ecuador

Do you really want to spoil your mother? Then take a look at our ponchos and native plaids. Both made of alpaca wool, cotton and a little bit of acrylic. This makes it super soft, warm and light in weight.


The ponchos are available in different colored prints. Perfect for when it gets a bit chilly at night. The native plaids are multifunctional and fit (almost) over any sofa or bed and can also be used as a picnic blanket. We have them in large (190 x 230 cm) and in small (110 x 200 cm). The prints of the ponchos and native plaids are inspired by South American culture. An exotic gift with a story.

What are you going to give? 

Daniëlle Zandbergen