Rainy weather? Keep warm with an alpaca plaid!

Perfect for summer and winter

Alpaca plaids just for the winter season? Certainly not! Alpaca plaids are perfectly usable in the summer, too. How about those summer nights of which you hope they never end, where you can use a light blanket in the late evening? When the fire pit gets started up, everybody huddles together on the benches underneath a cozy and warm alpaca plaid. This way, you can enjoy the night without getting chills. And when you don’t need it to stay warm, place it in your interior to give your home an Ecuadorian twist! 

Why alpaca wool? 

Plaids and blankets made of alpaca wool are extremely soft and they don’t itch. Its strong fabric is softer than sheep wool and even cashmere. Other than that, alpaca wool is naturally water resistant, hypoallergenic and fair trade. What else would you want in an alpaca plaid? Buying a plaid of blanket from EcuaFina supports the hard working women in the local villages of Ecuador. Recebba, the owner of EcuaFina, frequently visits the local workers to buy new products for her store, such as alpaca ponchos, sweaters and other unique produce. 

Give an alpaca plaid as a gift! 

Looking for an unique gift with a cultural background? Gift an alpaca plaid! The webshop also offers gift cards, if you can’t decide which plaid or poncho to get or if you want your relation to pick a gift for themselves. All products listed on EcuaFina are fairtrade, handmade (which makes each product one of a kind), durable and of high quality. Other than that, you’ll get an authentic Ecuadorian item that gives your home or wardrobe that special accent. If you have any questions about the products, please feel free to contact Rebecca. 

Britt Daemen