This is how you organize the perfect picnic

The sun is finally shining again and it's time to get out and about. And what could be more wonderful in the summer than going out into nature for a picnic? If you do it, you want to do it right right away, we understand that. Of course, it all starts with a cheerful alpaca throw, what else do you need for the perfect picnic we tell you here.

Choose the right picnic spot

A picnic is, of course, made by the place of the picnic. Find a nice quiet place in nature to enjoy your picnic. Relaxing in the woods, in a large park, or by the water, you are in charge. Choose a place that is easily accessible for everyone and where you can seek out some shade.

The perfect picnic blanket

There is nothing more annoying than a picnic where you have to sit on wet grass or your snacks are always in the sand. Because what is a picnic without a wonderfully soft picnic blanket? Not only super comfortable, but it also immediately dresses things up nicely. A picnic blanket made of alpaca wool is perfect for your next picnic. The picnic blankets are spacious so that there is enough space for the whole family or all your friends and of course all snacks. In addition, the rug is very soft due to the use of high-quality alpaca wool. The cozy colors and cool prints immediately give a summer atmosphere to your picnic.

Food and drink for the picnic

What is a picnic without good snacks and drinks? You want to make sure you bring enough water with you, especially for the hot days. Opt for variety in food and snacks that are easy to take with you and share. Think of sandwiches, fruit, and vegetables, wraps, smoothies, or freshly baked cookies. Another nice idea is to let everyone bring something. This way you certainly have all kinds of different snacks and you don't have to do all the preparations alone.

The picnic checklist

In addition to the essentials of a picnic blanket and enough food and drinks, there are a number of things that you should definitely not forget. For example, how about a cool box to keep everything nice and fresh. Plates, cutlery, and cups are also handy, for example, choose lightweight camping tableware, which is so easy if you have to carry everything with you. Napkins, a towel, a bottle opener, and a sharp knife are always good. If it is a sunny day, don't forget the sunscreen and possibly insect spray. Also certainly not unimportant, a garbage bag, of course, you don't want to leave anything behind in nature after your picnic.

Now that you have all the important picnic items, you can go and find a nice picnic spot! And don't forget to take a look at all the beautiful trendy woolen blankets from Ecuafina. You will surely find a beautiful color, print, and size that suits your summer plans.

Britt Daemen