Top 5 blankets for your interior this fall

It's autumn! For me personally the second best season of the year. The days are getting shorter and the evenings longer and that means cozy inside, candles & cozy with a warm alpaca blanket on the couch! In this blog we reveal our top 5 EcuaFina products for this autumn!

Number 1: Native blanket Cayambe 

The Cayambe is truly a favorite. The dark green blanket with yellow, red and orange details has an autumnal feel and is perfect for an evening on the couch. In addition, this blanket is made up of 70% alpaca wool, 20% cotton and 10% acrylic. The alpaca wool makes the blanket wonderfully soft and the cotton and acrylic provide the extra strength and a subtle sheen. And did you know that you can use the blanket on two sides? Perfect for changing settings once in a while. 

Number 2: Alpaca throw green

At number two for this fall weather is the uni blanket dark green. This throw consists of 1 color and is even softer than the Cayambe! We have these throws in different colors, so something for everyone! It consists of 80% alpaca wool and 20% acrylic, which makes the throw stronger and gives it a luxurious look. With this alpaca throw you will never want to get off the couch again. 

Number 3: Native blanket Quilotoa green

The Quilotoa green is at number three! This one is the same size as the Native blanket Cayambe and the Alpaca throw green, namely 235 cm by 195 cm. An ideal size when you need to share your blanket with someone else. The Quilotoa has a recognizable Ecuadorian print with beautiful colors that are perfect for this fall weather.

Number 4: Mini alpaca native blanket yellow

In addition to the large blankets, we also have small blankets, and this one is our number four. These are alpaca blankets are 110 cm by 205 cm, which is about the size of a single bed. Of these, the mini alpaca blanket yellow is definitely a favorite. This blanket can also be used on both sides, one side is warm yellow and the other side is more mustard yellow. With this, no autumn day will be gloomy. Oh yeah and did I mention it has four adorable alpacas on it! 

Number 5: Baby alpaca blanket

And finally, for the true alpaca lovers, this is also a real gem. This blanket is made of 100% baby alpaca wool. This product is not dyed and is therefore 100% natural! The alpaca wool they use for these blankets is the first coat of the baby alpaca. This hair is super soft. Pathetic? Well no! Alpacas need to be shaved every so often and because you can only shave the baby hair from a baby alpaca once makes this a luxury and unique product. 

Also nice for autumn are our Indian ponchos and men poncho, these are also made of alpaca wool and therefore wonderfully warm and soft. Look for all colors and prints on our website! And don´t forget to buy the alpaca blanket, poncho, cardigan or scarf that fits best for you and helps you have a cozy and lovely autumn!!

Doménica Santander