Top 5 summer blankets

We are bringing Ecuador to the Netherlands this summer. Our beautiful native plaids with authentic South American prints bring the Ecuadorian sun with them. Can you imagine it already? Nice outside on the grass with one of our picnic blankets and a good book. Or relax on the veranda in your favourite garden chair with one of our blankets. Everything is possible!

Our top 5 summer blankets are cheerful, incredibly soft and original! They consist of 70 percent alpaca wool and are handcrafted in Ecuador by local communities. In addition, the blankets are directly sourced to the Netherlands without an intermediary. The makers of the blankets receive a fair amount, this is very important to us. That is why we want to make as many people as possible enthusiastic about these wonderful products.

Finally summer in the Netherlands! Because Ecuador is located on the equator, there are hardly any temperature differences throughout the year and the country roughly has two seasons, namely the dry season and the rainy season. But back to the Netherlands, where it is now finally above 20 degrees, and therefore the perfect time to sit in the garden, in the park or on your balcony. A blanket from EcuaFina should not be missing here. Below you will find our top 5 summer blankets with the most cheerful colors and prints for the summer of 2022!

1. Antisana pink

The Antisana pink has not been in our collection for very long but is already doing very well. The pink tones mixed with turquoise and dark blue give the blanket a perfect summer look. In addition to this pink blanket, we also have the Antisana print in an orange blanket and in a brown blanket.

In the photo below you can see the Antisana pink, which is held by the weavers in Ecuador who made the blanket. This photo was taken just before the blankets were packed for shipping to the Netherlands.

In our previous blog 'New in the collection, the Antisana' we tell you more about these blankets, including where the name comes from!

2. Chimborazo pink

Number two is the Chimborazo pink, a super cheerful pink blanket with lots of color. We see this blanket a lot in bohemian interiors, but also on the beach and in the park as a picnic blanket. Because this blanket contains so much color, it is ideal for mixing and matching.


This photo is from a while ago. Rebecca enjoyed a picnic shoot here with her son José Miguel and little Sophie - who is now already 1 year old - in her belly. The native plaids are approximately 195 centimeters wide and 235 centimeters long. Large enough to sit on with your whole family or group of friends. A picnic becomes a lot more fun when you sit on such a colorful plaid right?

Wondering how to organize the perfect picnic? You read it here!

3. Cotopaxi multicolor

The Cotopaxi multicolor is also a favorite of many people. This multicolor plaid contains beautiful stripes with native-like patterns in different colors. The blanket contains both warm tones such as red and orange and cool tones such as blue and green. The print is common in South America.

And did you know that the blankets are reversible? The blankets are woven as a double weave, which means that the front and back of the cloth are connected to each other. This creates a pattern on the front and the back of the cloth. Our native plaids have a colorful front and a (colourful) calm back. So basically two blankets in one, ideal if you are tired of one side.

4. Quilotoa red

In fourth place is the Quilotoa red. This red blanket has a very warm appearance because of all the red shades in it. Kirsten from Where she goes took this plaid with her to Belgium. Here she has been enjoying the early spring sun with one of the dogs that roam around there. During the day picnicking on the grass and in the evening on the veranda with a little fire.


The alpaca wool makes the blankets very soft and warm. But did you know that wool has a thermoregulatory effect? Wool works very well against the cold but also against overheating. Not surprising, because the Alpacas wear the wool during the cold mornings and rainy days, but also when the sun is shining! This makes it a very fine material and multifunctional material.

5. Imbabura red

Last but not least, the Imbabura red. This red throw blanket contains a rainbow of colors. Mainly red and orange, but also contains yellow, green and grey-blue. José Miguel loves to play with this blanket.

Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, which means a low risk of allergic reactions. Hypo means 'low' and allergen refers to the potential of a substance to cause allergic reactions. A characteristic of wool is that the fiber has small protruding scales, these scales make wool feel itchy. The advantage of alpaca wool over sheep wool is that the scales in alpaca wool are smaller than those of sheep wool. As a result, alpaca wool does not itch much or not at all. Even 80% of people with an allergy to sheep wool can tolerate alpaca wool. In addition, it is also a very nice material for children. For example, use our native plaids as a play mat or to build a hut. 

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