What do you need to know if you want to start an alpaca farm?

Are you thinking about starting your own alpaca farm? Whether you love alpacas or want to earn some pocket money keeping these woolly animals, in this blog you will read everything you need to know if you want to start an alpaca farm.

Making money keeping alpacas

If your goal is to make money keeping alpacas, a good business plan is essential. There is a lot to think about before starting the alpaca farm. They remain of course living animals, so 100% planning is never possible. There are various ways in which you can earn money with alpacas: by breeding them, by selling their wool or having it processed into sofa throws, for example, or by offering recreational activities.

Business plan alpaca farm

In the business plan you describe as accurately as possible what you think you will earn and how you will pay for all expenses. What do you want to specialize in? Are you going for a certain quality color of wool and plaids or are you going for the breeding program? For the farm you must have a Chamber of Commerce number and a business bank account. It is also wise to look in advance at any insurance that you need. Is your business plan complete? Then check whether you need permits. Usually this is not necessary, but it can differ per municipality.

Make the plot alpaca-proof

When you have everything on paper, it is your plot's turn. Your business plan will state how many alpacas you want to start with and how many will be added later. You can keep 10 alpacas on half a hectare. The animals love a juicy pasture, so make sure there is plenty to graze. Also keep an eye out for poisonous plants, which must be gone before the alpacas come. In winter they like to be dry and in summer they need shade. A shelter is therefore necessary, such as a stable. But you also need things for yourself: material to fertilize the stables and clothing for yourself to be able to carry out your work safely. Is the fence in order? Then the alpacas can come!

Buying alpacas

As with all animals you purchase, it is important to check whether you are buying healthy animals. So invest in a good vet who will watch over you and test whether the alpacas are all healthy. Read up on yourself so you know what to do in an emergency or when one of your animals is sick. Know what they eat; The Netherlands is not the natural habitat of alpacas, they need extra nutrients. Hay with a low protein content, for example, and special chunks.

Still a little too much of a good thing? Take a look at one of our living plaids and bring alpacas into your home in a different way. ;-)

Britt Daemen