Why are Fair Trade so important to the local economy?

Security & transparency

By contributing to the purchase and sale of Fair Trade products, we ensure that the people who produce the products receive a stable income. This offers them security and has a positive effect on the lives of the people and the local economy in Ecuador. Several small communities in Ecuador produce the most beautiful products for us, such as these colorful indian ponchos and these lovely alpaca blankets ecuador. This way we offer them work and the certainty of a fair income. In addition, they give us the assurance that we can and may sell these fair and unique products.

In addition, we find transparency very important. We find it very nice to show all our customers where, how and by whom their products are made! The knowledge and skills are passed on from generation to generation and it is very special to see and get to know their history and experience.

A better future

By buying Fair Trade products we contribute to a better future, both for our weavers and for the planet. To Fair Trade products are strict environmental requirements hung so that the products little or no harm to the environment. And because of the fair wage, people can better provide for themselves and their families and build a better future.

Healthy working conditions

Besides a fair wage, the people also have healthy working conditions. Think for example of good physical, psychic and social conditions. These conditions are also very important for the local economy.

Doménica Santander