Why is Fairtrade important

The producers of the quality products have to be paid for their knowledge, skills, and hard work, no more than logical, right? That is why we pay with love for the production of the Fairtrade products that we sell. Like our soft alpaca wool sofa blankets or Ecuadorian ponchos. Fairtrade trade gives workers a fair price for their work and the products they sell. This gives them a stable income with which they can provide for their livelihood and that of their family.

Fairtrade cooperation

To be able to work according to the Fairtrade principle, it is super important to work together and to communicate openly. Only when everyone knows exactly what is going on and nothing happens 'behind the scenes'  can it be said with certainty that it is about fair trade. We, therefore, visit the proud producers in Ecuador who, among other things, make our beautiful woolen plaids and blankets. We are always looking for beautiful new products that they make and purchase them directly from them for a fair price.

Fairtrade is good for the local economy

By purchasing directly from Ecuadorian producers, we know exactly where our product comes from. Everything is made and processed locally, so there is no unnecessary transport between different producers. Good for the environment and so the full fair price can be paid to these producers. By giving the workers more certainty about their income, a stronger economy will also be created locally. The purchasing power and stability of income remain good and this naturally affects the entire local population.

Fairtrade Ecuadorian products

As you can read, there are more than enough reasons to choose Fairtrade trade and Fairtrade products. Think about this more often if you have the choice between a Fairtrade or a non-Fairtrade product, you can already do that in the supermarket. A nice first step is to make Fairtrade choices for your interior and wardrobe more often. Take a look at our wide range of Fairtrade products made of alpaca wool from Ecuador. From authentic ponchos, sweaters, and sofa throw to baby hats made of alpaca wool.

Britt Daemen