At EcuaFina we sell the original and handmade hammocks from Ecuador. Hammocks are becoming increasingly popular and that is of course not surprising because a hammock is ideal for lazing in and enjoying the environment.

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Handmade hammocks from Ecuador

At EcuaFina we sell the original and handmade hammocks from Ecuador. Hammocks are becoming increasingly popular and that isn't surprising because a hammock is ideal for lazing around in and enjoying the environment.

Hammocks have been used for centuries and come from the Indians of South and Central America. In South and Central America, a hammock is simply part of the furniture, which is used both indoors and outdoors. Fun fact! Brazilians often take their hammocks with them when they stay overnight with family or friends. That is a lot easier than an air mattress, pump, sleeping bag, pillow and so on. Sailors also used hammocks on sailing ships to sleep in. They take up less space than a bed and because they hang, they absorb the heaving movements of the ship on the waves.

And did you know that lounging in a hammock is good for your back? Because a hammock hangs, the hammock uses gravity to support body weight instead of defying gravity like a mattress. This flexible form of support relieves pressure points such as hips, ribs and shoulders. The weight is evenly distributed, while the fabric naturally conforms to your body. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that you can relax better by rocking a hammock.

High Quality South American Hammocks

Do you know what is so special about our hammocks? These have been made in South America since 1981, by real craftsmen. As a result, you are assured of high quality and you can be sure that the hammocks will last a long time. We know all our partners personally and consider honesty and fair trade very important. We therefore ensure that our partners are treated well and receive a fair wage for the beautiful products they make for us.

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Material, size and color

Our hammocks are made of 100% cotton and are colored with natural and unnatural dyes. The patterns and colors are inspired by South American culture, and brighten up your garden and home in no time! As a result, you quickly imagine yourself in the Ecuadorian culture and such a hammock really gives you a holiday feeling.

Because the hammocks are made in small quantities, the color or size may differ, but in general the differences are very small.

We sell 1- and 2-person hammocks. The 1-person hammocks are approximately 110 cm wide and 200 cm long.
View our 1-person hammock 'Guanabana' here.

We have the 2-person hammocks in 2 different sizes, namely 130 cm wide and 230 cm long and 160 cm wide and 240 cm long.
View the 2-person hammock 'Rasta' here.

The dimensions of all hammocks are indicated on the relevant product pages.

Suspension system

Our hammocks are easy to hang thanks two the sturdy eyes on either side. You can attach the hammock in different places and ways, for example between two trees, or on two sturdy hooks that are in the wall or wooden poles or you can attach it in a hammock stand. Nowadays they are often used because you can move a stand. These standards are available in various shapes and materials such as wood and aluminum.

A hammock for indoor and outdoor use

Hammocks can be used both indoors and outdoors and give your home or garden a nice atmosphere. Place your hammock in your garden, roof terrace, balcony, living room, bedroom or veranda and enjoy the surroundings.

Washing instructions

Ideally you would like to use your hammock 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. At some point, it must or will be washed, but how do you do that best? Because the hammocks are made of cotton, they can simply be washed in the washing machine at 30 or 40 degrees. Make sure that you do not wash the hammock higher than 40 degrees, otherwise the hammock may shrink.

Some hammocks have braided details, so it is important that you handle them with care. For example, put the hammock in a laundry bag or old pillowcase so that the braided details can't get stuck on anything in your washing machine. You can also choose to wash the hammock by hand. The more careful you are with the hammock, the more beautiful it will remain!

Comfortable in the hammock

If the hammock is hung a little higher, you can sit comfortably in the hammock. Make sure that you sit in the middle and that the feet are flat on the floor and that the knees are at an angle of about 90 degrees. Tand the angle of the knees is about 90 degrees. That makes getting out easy.

Shipping & Return Policy

Buy your hammock today and you will (usually) receive it the next day! We work together with PostNL and all orders are (usually) shipped the same day. This way you can enjoy your new acquisition super fast! If the product is not completely to your liking, you can always return it. You can do this via a PostNL point in your area, the costs for returning are for the customer.

Want to buy a hammock? Choose Fair Trade

If you still have doubts or need more information, do not hesitate to contact us! We can tell you everything about our fair trade hammocks. We are very transparent and are happy to show you how to get the most out of your hammock.

Sometimes it is possible that a product is no longer available on the site, this is because we then have too little or no stock of it. Then the product goes offline for a while and when we have received new stock, we put the product back online. If you have a question or a product is still available, you can always contact us. It is possible that you can still order the product from the store!