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Andres met native poncho



Luxurious warm men's poncho in native style. The poncho is a cotton and alpaca blend blend. Due to the hollow fibers that make up alpaca wool, the heat is well retained. This exclusive men's poncho is available in different colors and patterns. There are only a limited number in the webshop. If you want to see all the ponchos, you can visit the store in Zutphen.


Native Poncho

This year's hit, ponchos! They come in all kinds of colors and sizes. These ponchos come from the Andes mountains in Ecuador where the locals have been using the ponchos for many years to keep warm. The ponchos are made of 100% alpaca wool blend so that you have a high wearing comfort and still stay warm. Whether you are looking for a men's poncho, women's poncho or children's poncho, we have them all!


Ponchos from EcuaFina

These ponchos are fairly produced by the local population in Ecuador. All EcuaFina's products are handmade and all come from the small Ecuadorian communities where artisans do a great job.

The Alpaca wool part in these beautiful ponchos provides a uniquely beautiful and warm appearance. Ecuafina buys these plaids directly from the various local communities in the Andes. As a result, colors, dimensions and composition can always vary.

Curious about our poncho models?

View our various models from various Ecuadorian regions. The ponchos all have unique features, colors and models.