Handmade Panama hats from Ecuador

Rebecca met Panama hoed


Panama hats for ladies & men from Ecuador

Panama hats are something special. Whether you are a lady or a man, a panama hat suits everyone. It is also very cute with children. In the Rebecca webshop you will find a beautiful ladies hat, men's hat or children's hat. The Panama hats come from Cuenca, Ecuador and are all handmade. So you always have a unique product on your head. Panama hats are made from toquilla straw. So it is actually a straw hat, but a very luxurious one.

Buy Panama hats online

Most of the Panama hats from Ecuador are produced in Cuenca. Despite being made by hand, they are still relatively inexpensive. This is because production takes "only" two days - something that is hard to imagine in the Netherlands with all that mass production. By buying a Panama hat at EcuaFina you support the local population and have a unique and valuable quality product. Buy your new Panama hat easily online.

Buy luxury straw hat

Did you know that the Panama hat was created when the Panama Canal was built? The workers needed a sun protection hat, hence the name of this luxurious straw hat. Panama hats only really became known when President Theodore Roosevelt posed with a black belt. The popularity of the straw hat was booming at the time. Despite the fact that Panama hats are nowadays mainly worn as a fashion item, they are ideal hats during the warm summer period. Thanks to the material, the straw hat feels very light on your head and of course the hat protects against the sun. In Rebecca's shop you will find other colors of hats. Come along!

Panama hats fit

The size of a Panama hat is obtained by measuring the circumference of a head just above the ears. The number of centimeters is the hat size. Before you try on Panama hats, it is therefore useful to know what your head size is. Sizes 52 and 54 in the webshop are children's hats. These panama hats come with an extra string to attach the hat.

Would you rather try on Panama hats first before placing an online order? That's possible, you will find EcuaFina's physical store in Zutphen. Rebecca can help in the store with measuring the sizes for a ladies hat, men's hat or a children's hat.

Enjoy Ecuador in the Netherlands

In the store you can enjoy the atmosphere of Ecuador and immediately get a holiday feeling when you try on the Panama hats. Come and shop your new luxury summer hat at Rebecca in Zutphen! You can also view all kinds of other products from Ecuador, including alpaca scarves and throws, ponchos, tablecloths, children's clothing and much more. But beware… Once you have discovered the charm of Ecuador, you don't want anything else!

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