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Event: Travel to Ecuador without leaving the Netherlands

Travel across the ocean on a beautiful morning knowing the wonders that Ecuador offers, its culture and more.

EcuaFina organizes press & influencer event in the THE FIRST TRAVEL CONCEPT STORE IN THE NETHERLANDS in Zutphen on June 29. Where the Rebecca is going to explain more about Ecuador, how you can travel with Rebecca Adventure Travel, to know a little bit more of EcuaFina philosophy and the importance of fair trade.

If you have not yet been invited but are interested, please contact us.

Since 2019, the EcuaFina - Travel Concept Store  - has been located in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Zutphen. The very first travel concept store in the Netherlands. An invite-only influencer event will be organized here on 29 June with a speak peak in the winter collection, a shopping session, meet & greet and free goody bags.

Entrepreneur Rebecca Braak wants to offer the Dutch an experience of her favorite country Ecuador. The EcuaFina Travel Concept Store gives a taste of the hidden treasures of Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands. An experience for both Dutch people who do not have the opportunity to make the trip to South America, and for those travelers who already want a taste of their upcoming destination; they can book their wonderful trip to Ecuador in the travel concept store with Rebecca Adventure Travel.

On her many tours through Ecuador, Rebecca came into contact with countless local artesanos (craftsmen) of authentic Ecuadorian products. This includes a fair production process so that it can be consumed with confidence. From warm alpaca blankets, scarves and to jewelry. These fair trade products have been offered for sale in the travel concept store since 2019. From 2020, these products can also be found online at Thanks to many influencers and beautiful press releases, the beautiful products are mainly sold online from Zutphen. So fair trade optima forma, since every blanket or poncho directly from the Andes finds its way through Rebecca to satisfied end users all over the world.

During this influencer event, Rebecca will explain in detail the concept and philosophy behind this travel concept store. You are of course free to ask questions or give suggestions.

There are many concept stores in the Netherlands. Remarkably enough, there is not yet a travel concept store. We see the hippest and most beautiful mini department stores, fantastic! Still, with so many Dutch people eager to travel, it's time for a store that takes you across the ocean. Join the influencer event on June 29 and discover what Ecuador has to offer.

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For more information: Rebecca Braak (Owner/Director) T: 0630728327 @[email protected] &

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Application procedure invitation only influencer event June 29, 2022: Danielle Zandbergen


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So don't forget to check out the page, look for your favorite products and order, also do not forget to let us know what you think, your suggestions and help us spreading the world of EcuaFina & continue travelling through Latin America through our products.