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Warm alpaca ponchos from Ecuador. Available in different styles, colors and prints. Handmade and directly imported.

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Alpaca ponchos from Ecuador

We see them more and more, the ponchos! We have them in all kinds of colors and patterns, for men, women and even children!

These alpaca ponchos come from the Andes mountains in Ecuador where the locals have been using the ponchos for years to keep warm. The ponchos are made and finished by hand, so each poncho is unique! Because the ponchos are made in small numbers, there may be small differences in color, size or composition. But in general, these differences are so small that you can hardly see it.

The alpaca ponchos are personally selected by Rebecca. There is a strict selection on quality. Rebecca selects the products for her webshop on honesty. Everything is purchased directly from the local communities. So when you buy an alpaca poncho you support the local population of Ecuador.

You can also view a lot of authentic products from Ecuador here, see for example our alpaca plaids and alpaca scarves . For more authentic products, we would like to invite you to visit our Travel Store in Zutphen, where we sell the one and only Panama hats, hand-painted pottery, delicious avocado oil and much more!

We have different types of ponchos namely triangular models that are often worn by women and rectangular models that are often worn by men. But in principle, both ponchos can be worn by men and women. The triangular ponchos are slightly smaller than the rectangular ponchos, which is why women more often prefer a triangular model and men for a rectangular model.

Types of ponchos: Women's ponchosMen's ponchos

Different motifs

All colors and motifs of the ponchos are inspired by the South American style. They are cheerful and easy to combine. There is something for everyone, whether you love red or blue or yellow or green, it doesn't matter, we have it all! We list all the motives below.

Poncho Quito Red
Poncho Shuar Blue
Poncho Inca Red
Poncho Maya Black
Poncho Maria Gray
Poncho Blue
Poncho Red

Poncho wool

These warm alpaca ponchos consist alpaca wool, namely 50%. The other 50% consists of acrylic. The alpaca wool makes the ponchos very soft and warm. Alpaca wool consists of hollow fibres, which allows the wool to retain heat well.

100% alpaca wool ponchos - model Elena

In addition to the colored ponchos, we also have 100% alpaca wool ponchos. These alpaca ponchos consist of natural shades and are made of 100% baby alpaca wool. These products are not painted or processed. These ponchos are also warmer and heavier than the colored ponchos. Curious about the wool ponchos? Take a look here!

Washing instructions

Ideally you would like to wear your alpaca poncho 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but of course that is not possible. At some point, it must or will be washed, but how do you do that best?

It is best not to wash the poncho but to let it air out. Alpaca wool is self-cleaning and by allowing the wool to air, any unpleasant odors will disappear. But if there really is a stain, it is wise to wash the poncho. You can do this in the washing machine on a wool or hand wash program, preferably no higher than 30 degrees. Use washing powder with a neutral pH value or wool detergent. You can use fabric softener, but it is not necessary.

If you do not trust to put the poncho in the washing machine, you can also wash it by hand. For a hand wash, use cold water and wool detergent. Use plenty of water and don't rub. You can use fabric softener for wool. Use your hands to remove the excess water from the poncho, but do not wring it. Rinse with cold water and pat the poncho with a dry towel until most of the water is gone.

Wool drying

Finished washing and then what? It is very important to know that your woolen products should never be hung up to dry! And never put in the dryer! Instead, try to squeeze as much water out of the poncho as possible and let it dry flat over a drying rack or towel. Ironing the poncho is not necessary.

Shipping & Return Policy

Buy your poncho today and you will (usually) receive it the next day! We work together with PostNL and all orders are (usually) shipped the same day. This way you can enjoy your new acquisition super-fast!

If the product is not completely to your liking, you can always return it. You can do this via a PostNL point in your area, the costs for returning are for the customer.


These beautiful alpaca ponchos come from Ecuador, Rebecca buys them from the local communities located in the Andes Mountains. These ponchos are forwarded to the Netherlands without an intermediary and eventually end up in our concept store in Zutphen.

Sometimes it is possible that a product is no longer available on the site, this is because we then have too little or no stock of it. Then the product goes offline for a while and when we have received new stock, we put the product back online. If you have a question or a product is still available, you can always contact us. It is possible that you can still order the product from the store!

Ponchos near me

Our travel concept store is located in Zutphen in the Netherlands. If you live in the city or are ever in the city, come and visit us! Here you can feel and try on all the different alpaca ponchos. Do you not live nearby? Then you can easily order a poncho online!