Poncho Elena - Women and Men - 100% wool & handmade

A genuine 100% wool poncho handmade by locals in Ecuador. The ponchos are for both men and women and contain no dyes. The colors are the exact colors of the fur. Many more beautiful motifs of this poncho Elena in stock in our store in Zutphen-NL.

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Elena ponchos from Ecuador

We see them more and more, ponchos! We have them in all kinds of colors and patterns, for men, women and even children!

These wool ponchos come from the Andes Mountains in Ecuador where locals have been using the ponchos to keep warm for years. The ponchos are handmade by Elena and her family, so each poncho is unique. Because the ponchos are made in small quantities, there may be slight differences in color, size or composition. But generally, these differences are so small that you can hardly see it.

100% wool

These ponchos are made of 100% wool and contain no dyes. The colors are the exact colors of the alpaca's fur. Alpaca wool is incredibly warm and soft and great to wear inside and or outside the home.

- 100% wool
- Undyed
- With hood
- Tagua nut button

Made locally

The alpaca ponchos are made by local families, in this case Elena and her family. The poncho's are personally selected by Rebecca. Strict selection is made for quality. Rebecca selects the products for her webshop based on honesty. Everything is purchased directly from local communities. So when you buy an Elena poncho you support the local people of Ecuador.

You can also see many authentic products from Ecuador here, see for example our alpaca plaids. For more authentic products we would like to invite you to our Travel Store in Zutphen, where we sell the one and only Panama hats, hand-painted pottery, delicious avocado oil and much more!

Washing & drying

Wool products do not need to be washed, wool is self-cleaning and by just airing the poncho, unpleasant smells will disappear. Should there be any stains on the poncho, you can remove them with soap and lukewarm water. Dab or rub gently and then rinse well. CAUTION by rubbing too hard the wool can felt and you do not want that, so try to dab gently.