Summer Poncho - 100% cotton

Enjoy the nice weather in these cotton summer ponchos. Experience the soft material and freedom of movement of the model. Ideal for the beach, pool or travel.

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Ecuadorian Summer poncho

Ecuador is known for its traditional crafts, including textile production. Much of Ecuador's textile production comes from indigenous communities, who have developed techniques and patterns that have been passed down through generations. By buying a summer poncho made in Ecuador, you not only support the local artisans, but also the indigenous communities that keep these traditions alive.


Using a summer poncho

How can you best use a summer poncho? A summer poncho can be a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn over a tank top or blouse, or as a beach cover-up. It is also easy to carry when traveling due to its lightweight and foldable design. This blue cotton poncho is also perfect to take to the beach and to put on when you get out of the water. Surfers love summer ponchos!



Features Cotton Ponchos

The summer ponchos are soft and warm, perfect to wear indoors and outdoors. Use them after swimming or on a cold summer evening. Cotton is a very breathable and comfortable material, perfect for warmer temperatures.

Weight 1000 gr
Width 125 cm
Length 90 cm
Depth 0.4 cm

Advantages of brushed cotton

  • Soft and airy
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Absorbing moisture

Types of Ponchos

There are different types of ponchos; the material, shape and design may be different. The most important differences of the EcuaFina ponchos can be found here.

- Alpaca/Acryl mix, 100% wool or 100% brushed cotton. The summer ponchos are often made of cotton and the other ponchos of the wool or alpaca/acrylic mix.

- Square or triangle shape. The square ponchos are somewhat larger and are therefore more often bought by men. The triangular shape is slightly smaller and is generally more commonly sold to children and women.

-Design. There are now different poncho designs and colors in the EcuaFina poncho collection.

View the full poncho collection here.


Wash & dry ponchos

The poncho can be machine washed. Here a few tips:

  • Use a hand wash program at 30 degrees
  • Set the washing machine to as few revolutions as possible
  • Put the poncho in a laundry bag because of the fringes at the bottom
  • Do not use fabric softener, as this will clog the fibers

Do not put the poncho in the dryer after washing, but let it hang or lie to dry.


EcuaFina Fairtrade Policy

All EcuaFina products are handmade and come from small Ecuadorian communities where the artisans do incredible work. They are bought for a fair price and imported without intermediaries.