Authentic, fair trade & directly sourced

South American products from the heart of the
Ecuadorian Andes Mountains

EcuaFina literally means: the most beautiful (fina) products from Ecuador (ecua). Our products are directly sourced to the Netherlands without an intermediary. Our Travel Concept Store is located in Zutphen where you can view, feel and experience all products.

Many of our products are made from soft alpaca wool, such as: native plaids, ponchos, scarves, sweaters, hats, etc. We also sell the one and only Panama hats or 'sombreros de paja toquilla' as the Ecuadorians say. But also hand-woven rugs, jewelry from tagua nuts, hand-painted pottery from Cuenca, avocado oil and much more! The products are made in the traditional way by the indigenous Quichua people who live in the Andes and make a living from the trade of handmade products.

Rebecca Braak is the founder of EcuaFina, who took her 1st step in Ecuador in 2014 and fell in love with the country, the people, the culture and the handmade products. She wanted to make many more people enthusiastic about this versatile country and about the authentic products. This is how the idea for her own store and webshop was born. Rebecca lives in Ecuador with her family and maintains contact with the weavers and other artisans. She visits the local communities several times a year to ensure the high quality of the products and to design new products together with the local population.

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