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Since her first footstep on Ecuadorian soil, the founder of EcuaFina, Rebecca Braak, has been in love with the land, its people, the rich culture and handmade products. EcuaFina literally means: the most beautiful (fina) products from Ecuador. These products (often made of soft alpaca wool) include plaids, sweaters, hats, but also necklaces. But also delicious gourmet products such as avocado oil, chocolate and coffee. EcuaFina imports several authentic fair trade products directly from the Andes, which are produced locally according to ancient family traditions. 

Traditionally, these products are made by the Quichua Indians who live and live in the Andes mountains by trading their own merchandise. But, in a way that suits Rebecca: direct contact with the weavers and for a fair price, visiting several times a year the various Quichua tribes of the Andes and other proud local Ecuadorian producers, continuously searching for new beautiful and surprising products for the EcuaFina store.


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Rebecca, Andres & Jose Miguel


Zutphen Travel Concept Store

You can order these beautiful products directly through the EcuaFina webshop. But if you want to get to know the products or the beautiful country of Ecuador, come to the EcuaFina concept store in Zutphen, where you will find much more diversity in terms of colors and prints of these authentic fair trade Andean products! You can also book your vacation in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with Rebecca Adventure Travel.


Ecuafina's Opening

She thought that these beautiful products could also enrich (color) many European households, and the idea began to grow for a physical store. The Travel Concept Store was inaugurated in January 2019 by the mayor of Zutphen, Annemieke Vermeulen, and the ambassador of Ecuador, Fernando Bucheli. It was a great success and since then Rebecca has appeared in the press several times to talk about this new concept.


Apertura de EcuaFina Travel Concept Store en 2019


Why EcuaFina?

  • Fair trade and direct sourced; handmade products made by local artisans treated with dignity and respect in Ecuadorian artisan factories, imported directly by Rebecca.
  • High quality and authentic; all products originate from the Andes and are made according to ancestral traditions with love and care.
  • Easy and secure shopping; Online and offline shopping with free shipping and 14-day return policy.


Fundadora EcuaFina Rebecca Braak





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