Necklace Mandi Norma - Helps to save the rainforestand

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Exquisite handcrafted jewelry made from natural materials sourced from the Amazon rainforest. Each piece tells a story of sustainability and craftsmanship, embodying the beauty and richness of the region's biodiversity. Discover your connection to nature
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Sustainability at its best

It's beneficial for the Amazon region when local communities can derive income from activities like crafting handmade jewelry from nuts and seeds. This provides them with sustainable livelihoods that don't rely on destructive practices like logging or mining, helping to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the rainforest. Additionally, it fosters a sense of pride and stewardship among the locals for their environment, leading to greater conservation efforts and protection of the biodiversity found within the Amazon.

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02 May 2024
Cindy Black
Wearing this beautiful necklace gives me strength...