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Avocado oil gift box, a beautiful and healthy gift for the holidays. Consisting of 3 avocado oil varieties from Ecuador; 100% Hass, Extra Virgin and Cooking Oil

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Original Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

This fine extra virgin avocado oil is a blend of Hass and Fuerte avocados. Hass avocados are the bumpy dark brown avocados (the green to dark brown color) and Fuerte avocados are the smooth, fresh green avocados that stay green. This delicious blend is an explosion of flavor, with the mild taste of the Hass avocado combined with the fresh, light lemony flavor of the Fuerte avocado. MIRA Original is filtered, which gives this avocado oil a clear texture.

This avocado oil is excellent for baking, for sautéing or browning meats, it is ideal for salads, for hot or cold sauces, as a dressing for boiled potatoes or simply with fresh bread.

Ingredients: extra virgin avocado oil (Hass and Fuerte avocados).


- 100% natural with many vitamins, minerals, omegas and antioxidants.

- elaborated with the avocado pulp

- 1st cold pressed, acidity <1

- unrefined, i.e. no high temperatures or chemicals have been used to extract the oil from the pulp.

- no preservatives

- filtered

- fully traceable directly from the producer in Ecuador

- high viscosity:
* forms a layer around the dish
* enhances the flavor of the dish
* less use

- mild flavor:
* good combination with fish, chicken, veal
* delicious and salads, guacamole and with bread
* excellent with vegetarian and vegan dishes

- high baking temperature: 223º Celsius

Health: MIRA avocado
MIRA avocado oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (omega-9), vitamin E. It also contains omega-3 and -6, omega-3 and -6, omega-3 and -6. It also contains omega-3 and 6, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, chlorophyll, beta sitosterol and antioxidants. MIRA avocado oil in a salad increases the absorption of alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and lutein up to 5-15 times!

Net weight: 250 ml

Shelf life: 2 years.

Storage advice: after use, close the cap tightly, store in a dark place at a temperature between 10° and 28° Celsius.

* Silver Award AVPA Contest 2016 Paris
* Bronze Award AVPA Competition 2013 Paris


Native avocado oil - cooking oil

MIRA Nativo is a blend of extra virgin avocado oil (80%) and Tysha palm oil (20%). Tysha is a native Ecuadorian palm tree, which means that this palm species grows exclusively in Ecuador. Therefore, this does not refer to the industrial plantation of palm trees for which they are cutting down entire rainforests.

MIRA Nativo is ideal for cooking and baking due to the high baking temperature of 225º Celsius. It is a perfect complement to add mild and delicious flavors to your meals.

Ingredients: extra virgin avocado oil (Hass and Fuerte avocados), Ecuadorian Tysha palm oil, TBHQ antioxidant.


- 80% avocado oil, 100% natural

- 20% Tysha palm oil, 100% natural

- chemical free 

- genetically unmodified (non-GMO)

- no cholesterol

- 0 grass trans axis

Omega 3-6-9

- natural antioxidant

Net weight: 500 ml

Shelf life: 2 years.

Storage instructions: After use, close the cap tightly, store in a dark place at a temperature between 10º and 28º Celsius.