Cotton hamam towels from Ecuador

EcuaFina hamam towels are the ultimate gift for spring and summer. Use them for a picnic in the park, a summer day at the beach or take it to a pool.

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Cotton hamam towels from Ecuador

EcuaFina hamam towels are the ultimate gift for spring and summer. They are made in Ecuador by local communnities from the Andes Mountains. All hamam towels are selected by Rebecca - the founder - from local Andean communities. By buying from EcuaFina, you are supporting the hardworking artisans of Ecuador.

Ecuadorian Hamam Towel

The cotton towels are made of 100% cotton. Cotton is an airy material, perfect for a hot day. The cotton allows the hamam towel to absorb a lot of moisture, making them great as a bath towel or beach towel. In addition to being airy, the hamam towel is also strong and soft. As a result, the blankets remain beautiful for a long time.

These distinctive cotton beach towels add a summer aesthetic to any activity. For example, use them for a picnic in the park, a summer day at the beach or take it to a pool.

Different designs

The hamam towels are available in different colors. You can choose from summery colors like red, orange and yellow or do you prefer quieter colors like light gray and green? The towels are 180 cm long and 114 cm wide and have nice fringes on both sides.

The ham towels are personally selected by Rebecca. Strict selection is made for quality. Rebecca selects the products for her webshop on honesty. Everything is purchased directly from local communities. So when you buy a cotton hamam towel, you support the local people of Ecuador. Because the beach towels are made in small quantities, there may be slight differences in color, size or composition. But generally these differences are so small that you hardly notice it.

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Advantages of cotton

  • Airy
  • Strong
  • Hydrophilic
  • Washing instructions

You can simply wash the hamam towels in the washing machine on a 30 degree program. Pay attention to the fringes, for example put the towel in a laundry bag or put the washing machine on a hand wash program with few revolutions. For long-lasting enjoyment of the towel, we would recommend not using fabric softener, a little detergent of course!

Towel drying

The hamhand towel can be put in the dryer but it is better to dry it hanging outside or inside. Provided you let the blanket dry hanging, ironing is not necessary.

Shipping and return policy

Buy your hamam towel today and you will receive it (usually) the next day! We work with PostNL and all orders are (usually) shipped the same day. So you can enjoy your new acquisition super fast!

If the product is not entirely to your liking, you can always return it. This can be done through a PostNL point in your area, the costs for returning are for the customer.


These beautiful hamam blankets come from Ecuador, Rebecca buys them from local communities located in the Andes Mountains. These blankets are forwarded to the Netherlands without an intermediary and eventually end up in our concept store in Zutphen.

Sometimes it may happen that a product is no longer available on the site, this is because we have too little or no stock of it. Then the product goes offline for a while and when we have received new stock, we put the product back online. If you have a question or if a product is still available, you can always contact us. You may still be able to order the product in the store!

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