Mandi Wasi Necklace - handmade from seeds

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Length 48 cm - Diameter 15 cm This beautiful Mandi Wasi necklace is made entirely made by hand by the residents of the Mandi Wasi tribe from the seeds of the Simbio plant.
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Mandi Wasi Necklace

This beautiful necklace was made by the residents of the Mandi Wasi tribe.

The community leads several projects, including sustainable tourism, that protect the rainforest against deforestation.


Help the Amazon rainforest

The sale of jewelry also helps these residents to be less dependent on agriculture. We all know the problem of palm oil plantations, but the cultivation of bananas, using many pesticides, is also destroying more and more natural rainforest. So by purchasing this beautiful necklace you help a little bit to save the rainforest.


Visit the Mandi Wasi tribe

All these projects are located on the northern banks of the Napo River: Mandi Wasi in El Pilche and Sani Warmi in Sani. Warmis (women) receive tourists in their community houses and share their traditions, delicacies and lifestyle.

If you want to visit these communities, you certainly can. The Mandi Wasi tribe will appreciate this. For more information, please visit

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02 May 2024