Alpaca native blanket - Antisana - Pink

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These beautiful blankets are made in Ecuador of alpaca wool. Inspired in the Antisana Volcano featuring different shades of pink. These super soft blankets can be used everywhere, the couch, or as a bedspread, and they are also suitable for outside.
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Material Native Plaid 70% alpaca wool, 20% cotton & 10% acrylic.
Weight Native Plaid 1200 gr
Width Native Plaid 200 cm
Length Native Plaid 210 cm
Depth 1 cm

Alpaca native blanket Antisana - Pink

Each native blanket has a special South American print with lots of color. At least they are not boring! Did you know that these blankets are named after different volcanoes in Ecuador?! And that you can use them on both sides? Perfect if you are tired of one side.

This is our Antisana pink blanket and this print is also available in a green blanket and orange blanket . This small pink blanket is very colorful and consists of several lanes filled with native-like shapes. The Antisana blankets are a little bit smaller than the other alpaca blankets. These blankets are 200 cm wide and 210 cm long. The blankets are produced in small numbers. Because of that, the color, print, size and composition may sometimes differ slightly. But in general, these differences are so small that there is not noticeable.

Here are a few more benefits!

  • The blankets are softer than cashmere and warmer than sheep's wool.
  • The blankets are hypoallergenic and do not sting
  • The blankets are water and dirt repellent
  • The blankets are reversible

All EcuaFina products are handmade by small Ecuadorian communities where the artisans do incredible work. They are purchased for a fair price and imported without an intermediary.

Picnic blanket

These woolen plaids are also nice as a picnic blanket . Nothing is more annoying than a picnic where you have to sit on wet grass or your snacks are always in the sand. A good picnic needs a wonderfully soft picnic blanket! These picnic blankets are not only super comfortable, they also dress things up nicely. The picnic blankets are spacious, so there is enough space for the whole family or all your friends and of course all snacks. The cozy colors and cool prints immediately give a summer atmosphere to your picnic. Read all the tips on how to organize the perfect picnic with one of our wool throws in the blog 'This is how you organize the perfect picnic' .

dark pink throw

The alpaca native blankets are made of 70% alpaca wool, 20% cotton & 10% acrylic. This blend of raw materials ensures that the material is strong, warm and soft! This keeps the blankets beautiful for a long time.

In addition to the Antisana, we also have many other motifs, such as the Chimborazo. View here the Chimborazo pink , the &

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08 Mar 2022
Echt een super vrolijk én zacht kleed! Perfect voor de zomer en de kleuren zijn prachtig.