Triangle shape woman yellow poncho - Alpaca Poncho - Warm Boho Poncho - Bohemian Winter - Tribal Poncho

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Wear this Poncho Triangle Yellow from EcuaFina and feel like you're walking in the Andes Mountains. The South American print and soft alpaca wool bring out the adventurous soul in you. It's simple, modern, and versatile for any occasion.
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Material Poncho 50% alpaca - 50% acryllic
Weight poncho 400 gr
Width poncho 75 cm
Length poncho 75 cm
Depth 1 cm

Poncho Triangle Yellow

Each poncho has a special South American print with lots of color. At least they are not boring! This yellow contains many colors such as red, orange, blue and green. Because the ponchos are produced in small numbers, the color, print, size and composition may sometimes differ slightly. But in general, these differences are so small that it is not noticeable.

All EcuaFina products are handmade and come from small Ecuadorian communities where the artisans do incredible work. They are purchased for a fair price and imported without an intermediary.

The ponchos are made of 50% alpaca wool & 50% acrylic. This blend of raw materials ensures that the material is strong, warm and soft! This keeps the ponchos beautiful for a long time.

In addition to this yellow poncho, we also have a blue poncho . And in addition to women's ponchos, we also have men's ponchos. The women's ponchos have a triangular shape and are therefore smaller than the men's ponchos , which have a quadrangular shape. However, both models can be worn by men and women! Big or small, fat or thin, we have a poncho for everyone!

poncho yellow

When you wear this poncho yellow you will feel like you are being hugged by your favorite plaid. The material is so soft and warm that you won't take it off quickly.This yellow poncho also has a hood and the poncho's shape gives you a lot of freedom of movement.

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24 Mar 2022
Deze poncho kan swinters en zomers, echt heel mooie kwaliteit!