Cushion 60 x 40 cm - double-sided Chimborazo Black - including duck feather inner cushion

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Soft and colorful cushions from Ecuador, made from alpaca wool. Perfect to brighten up your living room or bedroom. Elongated Chimborazo Cushions that can be combined with the alpaca blanket in the same colours. Free Shipping & Free Returns.
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Material Pillow 70% alpaca - 20% cotton - 10% acrylic
Weight Pillow 600 gr
Width Pillow 40 cm
Length Pillow 60 cm
Depth 15 cm

Rectangle alpacawool pillow - Chimborazo Black


Looking for a stylish and comfortable cushion for your sofa? Our elongated alpaca wool cushion in grey, white, blue, black colors is the perfect choice to enhance your interior while adding warmth and comfort. You can also combine the cushion nicely with the happy alpaca plaid from Chimborazo.


Why choose our Alpaca Wool Pillow?

1. High-quality Alpaca wool: Our pillow is made from the finest alpaca wool from Ecuador, which ensures a wonderfully soft and fluffy texture.

2. Double-sided Design: Enjoy the versatility of our pillow thanks to the double-sided design with the beautiful indigenous symbols from South America. Both sides have a warm, blanket-like fabric.

3. Perfect for your sofa: Add a touch of South American cheerfulness to your sofa with our elongated alpaca wool cushion. The sleek design fits seamlessly with different interior styles.

4. Cushion and Blanket Combination: You can combine this cushion with the large alpaca plaid "Alpaca Native Blanket - Chimborazo Black". The combination completes your sofa or bed in terms of styling. The blanket is extremely functional because you can wrap yourself up in it on cold evenings.

5. Durability and Comfort: Alpaca wool is known for its durability and insulating properties, which means this pillow will keep you warm and last a long time.



Specifications Chimborazo Black

The cushions are made of 70% alpaca wool, 20% cotton and 10% acrylic. This mix of raw materials ensures that the material is strong, warm and super soft! This ensures that the blankets remain beautiful for a long time.

  • Weight 600 gr
  • Width 40 cm
  • Length 60 cm
  • Depth 15 cm


Wash & dry alpaca cushion

The product can be machine washed on a wool wash or hand wash program at 30 degrees or colder.

  1. Remove the pillow filling
  2. Use a wool wash or hand wash programme
  3. Set the washing machine to 30 degrees or colder
  4. If necessary, use wool detergent
  5. Do not put the pillowcases in the dryer after washing, but blot the excess water from the blankets and let them dry flat or hanging.


EcuaFina - Handmade & Fairtrade products from Ecuador

All EcuaFina products are handmade and come from small Ecuadorian communities where the artisans do incredible work. The products are authentic and are purchased for a fair price and imported without a middleman. Fairtrade & honest, now that's fun buying!

Luxury & comfort with lumbar alpaca wool cushion

Add a touch of luxury and comfort to your home with our elongated alpaca wool cushion from Chimborazo. Whether you want to enhance your sofa, add some extra warmth to your interior, or simply relax with a cushion that is both functional and elegant, our alpaca wool cushion is the perfect choice.

Order today and enjoy the softness and beauty of alpaca wool in your own home!

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03 Oct 2023
Geweldige kussens!