Alpaca wool, everything you need to know

Alpaca wool may not sound as chic as cashmere or mohair, but alpaca wool clothing is very popular, such as ponchos or lovely warm scarves. This is due to all the pleasant properties of alpaca wool. This wool type is wonderfully warm, even warmer than sheep wool. Nowadays alpaca wool is even more exclusive than cashmere! This is because the breeders of Kashmir goats started crossing their animals to produce a larger volume of wool, but of less quality.

Do alpaca wool clothes itch or itch?

Alpaca wool clothing is very suitable for people who quickly suffer from itching or tickling wool. This has to do with the microstructure of alpaca wool. This prevents people from itching.

Sheep wool has a completely different microstructure and can itch when worn. The refined microstructure of alpaca wool also ensures that clothing or, for example, an alpaca wool plaid hardly sheds.

Wash alpaca wool

Washing alpaca wool is actually not recommended. Better to hang out your clothes so that they can air out. It is also an option to hang your alpaca wool garment in the shower so that it is steamed. This also removes wrinkles. Sometimes, however, you cannot escape washing. Use a hand wash at a maximum of 30 degrees and only use wool detergent.

Some hairs may come loose, these were already loose hair and is not harmful. Move the garment more gently through the water, do not twist or knead. Rinse with lukewarm water of a maximum of 30 degrees. Do not use cold water! Then the wool can shrink.

Dry alpaca wool

Alpaca wool should never go in the dryer, so you can say goodbye to your beautiful garment immediately. Press out the excess water without wringing and place the garment on a towel to dry. Never hang up your alpaca wool garment, this will cause it to pull out of shape. It is also best to store dry clothes lying in the cupboard. Ironing alpaca wool is also not recommended. Wrinkles disappear by themselves during wear or hang your garment in the bathroom while showering. The steam will also make the creases disappear.

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Britt Daemen