Poncho Elena Grey

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The poncho Elena is made of 100% wool, produced by Elena and her family of Artesans in the Andes to stay warm during cold nights in the mountains.
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Material Poncho 100% Alpaca wool
Weight poncho Men 400 gr
Width poncho Men 95 cm
Length poncho Men 90 cm
Depth 0.4 cm

Poncho Elena Grey

A genuine 100% wool poncho handmade by locals in Ecuador. The ponchos are for both men and women and contain no dyes. The colors are the exact colors of the fur.

All EcuaFina products are handmade and come from small Ecuadorian communities where artisans do incredible work. All Elena poncho's are made by Elena and her family. They are purchased at a fair price and imported without an intermediary.

Because the ponchos are produced in small quantities, the color, print and size can sometimes vary slightly. But generally these differences are so small that it is not noticeable.

The 100% wool ponchos are incredibly warm and soft. Wool is by itself a strong fiber and ensures that the ponchos remain beautiful for a long time.


  • 100% alpaca wool
  • Undyed
  • With hood
  • Tagua nut button

Washing & Drying

Wool products do not need to be washed, wool is self-cleaning and by just airing the poncho, unpleasant smells will disappear. Should there be any stains on the poncho, you can remove them with soap and lukewarm water. Dab or rub gently and then rinse well. CAUTION by rubbing too hard the wool can felt and you do not want that, so try to dab gently.

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21 Feb 2023
Love that the poncho is 100% non-dyed wool, it is incredibly soft.