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Looking for beautiful warm alpaca scarves? The soft, handmade scarves from Ecuador are an asset to your wardrobe. Shop now!

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Alpaca scarves for women and men

No scarf is warmer than this beautiful alpaca scarf. This product is made from - you guessed it - alpaca wool and is incredibly soft and warm for your neck and shoulders. The scarf is extra wide, so that you will not catch a cold in the fall and winter. The hollow fibers of alpaca wool retain a lot of heat. All alpaca scarves in the webshop are made by hand. So if you are still looking for a beautiful ladies' scarf, you've come to the right place!


Alpaca scarves from Ecuador

You will not find the products from our webshop anywhere else in the Netherlands. The alpaca scarves are brought from Ecuador and personally selected by Rebecca. A strict selection on quality takes place. Only the most beautiful alpaca scarves can be taken back to the Netherlands. Rebecca also selects the products for her webshop on honesty; everything is bought directly from the local communities. When buying an alpaca scarf you, therefore, support the local population of Ecuador. You can also view many authentic beautiful products from Ecuador here, including alpaca plaids, ponchos, children's clothing, and much more. But beware ... Once you have discovered the charm of Ecuador, you don't want anything else!


Wash alpaca shawl

You would prefer to wear the alpaca shawl 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but that is of course not possible. Even though alpaca wool does not retain unpleasant odors, it can still happen that the scarf gets dirty and needs to be washed. Washing an alpaca scarf or wrap should be done with some care. You cannot throw the scarf in the regular laundry. In fact, it is better to wait as long as possible before washing your alpaca scarf. Does your scarf really need some washing? First, read the instructions below for how to wash your alpaca scarf safely.


Wash alpaca scarves in the washing machine

If you want to put the scarf in the washing machine, put the product in a protective laundry bag. Use washing powder with a neutral pH value or detergent for wool. You can use a fabric softener, but it is not necessary. Select the wool wash program at thirty degrees. Spin at a maximum of 500 revolutions.


Alpaca scarf hand wash

For a hand wash, use cold water and wool detergent. Use plenty of water and don't rub. You can use a fabric softener for wool. Remove the excess water from the scarf with your hands, but do not wring. Rinse with cold water and pat the scarf with a dry towel until most of the water is out.


Drying alpaca wool

Never let alpaca wool dry soaking wet, the excess moisture can press out (but do not rub or wring!). Never put alpaca scarves in the dryer. Then you can say goodbye to your beautiful garment. Let the luxury scarf dry flat on a towel so that its natural shape is preserved. Also, make sure that the scarf is not in direct sunlight or over a heat source. Ironing the alpaca scarf is not necessary.


Do not wash, but air

Do you find washing your alpaca scarves exciting? The material does not naturally trap odors, so unless you really have a stain in your scarf, you don't really need to wash it. Much better for the material is to regularly air your luxury scarf. This way you can enjoy your beautiful alpaca scarf the longest. Do you have any questions about alpaca scarves? Please feel free to contact Rebecca!