Alpaca throw blanket - Hand woven & super soft

This super soft alpaca throw native is an enrichment for your interior. The beautiful blankets can be used everywhere, even outside. Shop them here! Tip: Buy one of our beautiful alpaca throws in June and get a free bottle of avocado oil.

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Alpaca Throw Native

An alpaca throw blanket brings a lot of atmosphere and gives an exotic touch to your home. Imagine yourself in another country with a lovely, soft living alpaca plaid from Ecuador. All alpaca throws are handpicked by Rebecca from the local Andean communities. With that, you support hardworking residents of Ecuador. And of course, you have a beautiful product at home. View the full range of alpaca plaids in the webshop.

Alpaca blanket, hand-woven and wonderfully soft

Each alpaca blanket in the webshop is hand-woven in Ecuador and made from an alpaca wool blend. This makes the sofa plaids silky soft and nice and warm. You can even use the plaids as an outdoor blanket. In the evening you can sit outside for a long time with an alpaca blanket over your legs, entirely in Ecuadorian style.

An alpaca throw in your interior

The alpaca plaids from Rebecca fit into any interior. You can choose from an authentic pattern that reflects the culture of Ecuador or a plain alpaca throw without a pattern. Different color patterns are also available. Each alpaca throw has a colorful side and a side with calm colors. The reversible living blankets are ideal if you like to alternate in your interior. The patterns on both sides are different, so you always have something unique at home! The plaids look great in a modern interior or, for example, on a leather sofa.

Fair and honest alpaca living blankets

Buying an alpaca wool blanket at EcuaFina means that you support the locals of the Ecuadorian Andes. That feels really good, doesn't it? You also buy a product of great quality. All alpaca plaids are handmade, there is only one of your plaid. A unique product with a nice thought behind it. View the full range of home plaids in the EcuaFina webshop.

Curious about our Alpaca throw blankets?

View our various models from various Ecuadorian regions. The plaids all have unique properties.






Wash alpaca wool in the washing machine


If you want to put the blanket in the washing machine, put the product in a protective laundry bag. Use washing powder with a neutral pH value or detergent for wool. You can use fabric softener, but it is not necessary. Select the wool wash program on cold or at thirty degrees. Prefer not to spin. For a hand wash, use cold water and wool detergent. Use plenty of water and don't rub. You can use fabric softener for wool. Remove the excess water from the blanket with your hands, but do not wring. Rinse with cold water and pat the blanket with a dry towel until most of the water is out.

Drying alpaca wool

Never let alpaca wool dry soaking wet, the excess moisture can press out (but do not rub or wring!). Never put an alpaca blanket in the dryer. Let the blanket dry flat on a towel, so that the natural shape is preserved.


Do not wash, but air

Do you find washing your alpaca plaid exciting? The material does not naturally trap odors, so unless you really have a stain in your blanket, you don't really need to wash it. Much better for the material is to regularly air your blanket. This way you can enjoy your beautiful blanket the longest.


Experience Ecuador at EcuaFina!

With the beautiful woolen plaids, you bring Ecuador into your home, but you can also come to the Travel Concept Store in Zutphen to see all the products up close. Want to follow Rebecca's travel adventures up close? Then you can contact Rebecca Adventure Travel. Do you have questions about the products or a request? Don't hesitate to contact us!