3 Tips to brighten up your garden

With the sun high in the blue sky you immediately feel like going outside. With these tips you can give your garden, balcony, terrace or veranda the summery look you want in no time!

Whether you like bohemian-, modern-, country- or botanical style. We are happy to provide you with tips with which you can easily pimp your garden or balcony into, for example, the ideal workplace for when you work at home, that cozy place to relax or for that festive drink!

It all starts with a nice spot, a nice garden set or bench. Decorated with some plants and flowers, not to mention nice lighting such as candles, string lights for outside or torches for the garden. With these ingredients you can quickly create a nice spot, so on to the finishing touch!

1. Decorate your garden with an alpaca plaid

Textile products bring a lot of atmosphere and make the difference between day and night. Our alpaca plaids, which are also used as picnic blankets, are incredibly soft and available in the most beautiful colors and prints. The plaids are woven in Ecuador by local communities on old looms and finished by hand and are made of alpaca wool. Due to the alpaca wool, the blankets feel very soft and are approximately 190 cm by 230 cm in size. Perfect for laying over a couch or to curl up in when it gets a bit chilly.

But which alpaca plaid do you choose for which style? We give tips for each style, but it just depends on what colors you have in your interior. Below you will find our tips!

Bohemian style

A bohemian interior is a colorful mix of styles that come from different parts of the world. It is often referred to the hippie style of the 60s and is cheerful and romantic. The photo below was taken during a camping trip. The nice bell tents in the background, the wood fire and the Chimborazo multicolor give a wonderful atmosphere, which we find very suitable for this style. The following blankets also fit well with this:

Icoon voor Geverifieerd door de community

Modern style

A modern interior exudes tranquility and is characterized by sleek materials and lines. In a modern interior you often have open spaces, fitted wardrobes and neutral colors. By neatly folding the blanket as in the photo, you retain the neat and modern look through the straight lines of the blanket. In addition, you can present the blanket so beautifully and make it part of your interior. Blankets that suit a modern or industrial style are:

Botanical style

With a botanical style you bring nature back into your home. This is often accompanied by many plants, natural materials and colors. No wonder our green plaids go well with this. For example, use the blanket as a picnic blanket or as a play blanket for the children or hang the blanket on the wall. It may sound a bit crazy, but in fact the blankets are perfect as wall decoration. We also often get the question whether they can be used as a rug, but unfortunately they are not strong enough for that. Blankets that fit a botanical style are:

Country style

In a country style, outdoor living is often paramount and has a cozy and warm appearance. Other characteristics of a country style is the use of natural materials such as wood, natural stone and reed. A rural interior has a comfortable layout and our plaids fit very well with that!

2. Complete your garden, balcony, terrace or veranda with decorative pillows

Pillows make the setting even more 'finished'. In our collection we have 5 beautiful decorative pillows, which are made of alpaca wool and cotton. The prints of the cushions match the prints of the blankets and are therefore very nice to style together. Because the cushions are made of wool and cotton, they can be used outside, but they have to be brought back inside if the weather turns bad.

At the moment we have decorative pillows with the Cotopaxi print and decorative pillows with the Quilotoa print. View all our decorative pillows online here.

3. Hang a hammock outside

Last but not least, hang one of our hammocks outside! Our hammocks are easy to attach by the two sturdy eyes on either side. You can hang them wherever you want and are a nice way to brighten up your garden, balcony, terrace or veranda.

Hammocks have been used for centuries and come from the Indians of South and Central America. In South and Central America, a hammock is simply part of the furniture, which is used both indoors and outdoors. Fun fact! Brazilians often take their hammocks with them when they stay overnight with family or friends. That is a lot easier than an air mattress, pump, sleeping bag, pillow and so on. Sailors also used hammocks on sailing ships to sleep in. They take up less space than a bed and because they hang, they absorb the heaving movements of the ship on the waves.

And did you know that a hammock is very good for your back? Because a hammock hangs, the hammock uses gravity to support body weight instead of defying gravity like a mattress. This flexible form of support relieves pressure points such as hips, ribs and shoulders. The weight is evenly distributed, while the fabric naturally molds to your body. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that you can relax more by rocking a hammock.

We have single and double hammocks. The hammock in the photo is the Guanabana hammock, a 1 person hammock in a cream color with beautiful details on the side. Our Rasta hammock is a 2 person hammock. This is a colorful hammock with yellow, blue, red and green.

With these tips you can enjoy your styled place with an Ecuadorian touch to the fullest! Our products are made with love and patience by small communities in the Andes Mountains. When you buy one of our products you support us but also them!

Curious about more information about our products and working methods, go to the 'about us' page on our website.

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