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Ecuadoriaanse cultuur wordt weergegeven door de glimlach van de mensen, het veelzijdige vakmanschap van de ambachtslieden, maar vooral vanwege het kleurrijke landschap. Deze Chimborazo Navajo Native Blanket heeft een modern patroon in een kleurrijke deken
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Materiaal Plaid Native 70% alpaca - 20% katoen - 10% acryl
Gewicht Plaid Native 1200 gr
Breedte Plaid Native 190 cm
Lengte Plaid Native 225 cm
Dikte 0.3 cm

Alpaca native blanket Chimborazo - Multicolor

Each Alpaca large wool blanket has a special South American print with lots of color. At least they are not boring! Did you know that this large blanket is named after one of the several volcanoes in Ecuador?! And that you can use them on both sides? Ideal if you are tired of one side.

Our Chimborazo home blankets are also available in a pink wool blanket and a black blanket . This colorful blanket is very dark and is made up of different colors and native shapes. The Chimborazo blankets are 190 cm wide and 225 cm long. These blankets are produced in small numbers, colour, print, size and composition can sometimes differ slightly. But in general, these differences are not that noticeable.

Here are a few more benefits!

  • The blankets are softer than cashmere and warmer than sheep's wool.
  • The blankets are hypoallergenic and do not sting
  • The blankets are water and dirt repellent
  • The blankets are reversible
  • You can use the blankets inside and outside

All EcuaFina products are handmade and come from small Ecuadorian communities where the artisans do incredible work. They are purchased for a fair price and imported without an intermediary.

Picnic blanket

These large woolen blankets are also suitable as picnic blankets . Nothing is more annoying than a picnic where you have to sit on wet grass or your snacks are always in the sand. A good picnic includes a wonderfully soft picnic blanket! These blankets are not only super comfortable, they also look great. The picnic blankets are large enough so that there is enough space for the whole family or all your friends and of course all your goodies. These refreshing colors and great patterns of the large blanket will instantly add a summer vibe to your picnic. Read all the tips for organizing the perfect picnic with our wool blankets in the blog How to organize the perfect picnic.

big blanket

The alpaca wool large blanket is made of 70% alpaca wool, 20% cotton & 10% acrylic. This blend of raw materials ensures that the material is strong, warm and soft! This keeps the blankets beautiful for a long time.

In addition to the Chimborazo, we also have other motifs, such as the Imbabura and the Cayambo. View here our plaid broadaux red and woolen blanket green with Imbabura motif or here for the plaid dark green with a Cayambo motif.

gift tip

When you want to spoil someone or yourself, a plaid alpaca wool is the perfect gift for all ages! Are you not satisfied with the blanket or do you want to exchange it for a different color? No problem, just contact us by email or visit the Ecuafina store in Zutphen-NL to choose the blanket that suits you best.

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22 Dec 2022
Ich liebe die Decke!
24 Nov 2021
Dome Santander
This blanket is absolutely beautiful and warm! Perfecto to enhance any space (;