5 Tips to restyle your home with alpaca plaids for spring

Get that spring feeling in your home with colors

When we think of spring, we think of young, newborn animals and colorful flowers all over the place. Want that spring feeling in your own home? Bring flowers to your home! Or pick one of our alpaca plaids to bring a color pop to your interior. A plaid made of wool may sound quite winter-isch, but it’s very suitable for spring, too! They can give your interior a fresh look with cheerful colors.

Change the colors of your pillows and plaids

If you’re even a little interested in interior styling, there’s a fat chance that you have changed the colors of your interior with the changing of the seasons. This spring is the perfect moment to bring some new colors to your living room. Think new pillows or a new plaid or blanket. We offer plaids with bright colors or solid colors. There’s enough to choose from to give your interior a cheerful boost! 

Fill your home with those spring scents

Do you know the feeling when you smell freshly cut grass? You can do that with your home, too! Bring spring smells into your interior by opening up the windows and letting that musty winter smell out! Enjoy the sounds of the birds outside and who knows, someone might be mowing the grass nearby just as you open up your windows and doors! This really gets that spring feeling going. Feeling a bit chilly with all those open windows? Check out our super light and comfortable sweater of baby alpaca wool!

Rainy spring day? Wear a fancy alpaca poncho! 

You know spring days: one day it’s super hot, the other day it’s raining cats and dogs. For those rainy days we have the perfect solution: a fancy alpaca poncho! Check it out in our webshop and enjoy spring together with EcuaFina!

Britt Daemen