Alpaca wool products from Ecuador - My journey through Ecuador

Alpaca wool products made in Ecuador

Ecuafina has a physical store in Zutphen, but can of course also be found online. They sell, among other things, alpaca wool plaids, pillows, rugs and ponchos that are made in the Andes, in Ecuador, according to age-old family traditions. The products are then imported directly to the Netherlands without an intermediary. This gives the people who make the products a stable income and more security in their lives. Ecuafina is an honest, sustainable and beautiful company. I'm in love!

The alpaca wool plaids from EcuaFina are a unique, handmade gift. These wonderfully soft and warm blankets have a cheerful double-sided design (a colorful side and a slightly quieter side). The prints on the plaids provide a lot of coziness in your home. It is the perfect blanket to snuggle up under on the couch, to use as a bedspread, for a picnic in the park or as a blanket for the beach. Each plaid has the name of a volcano in Ecuador and each plaid also comes with a matching, wonderfully soft, alpaca wool cushion.


The story behind EcuaFina & Rebecca Adventure Travel

EcuaFina was founded by Rebecca Braak, who fell in love with the country, the people, the culture and the handmade products after her first step in Ecuador. After studying Business Administration and mastering International Management, Rebecca started at KLM as a Project Manager. She really enjoyed it here, but the urge to travel and discover continued to gnaw at her. She also missed her biggest hobby, horse riding, very much. At one point, Rebecca decided to spend three months in Ecuador volunteering at a horse ranch in the Andes.

During the months in Ecuador, Rebecca started organizing certified horse riding trips that the KLM crew could also benefit from. When a KLM flight came to Ecuador, the crew had a few days off in Ecuador. Rebecca undertook activities with them, but it didn't stop there. There also appeared to be a lot of demand for other activities and so Rebecca started her travel agency Rebecca Adventure Travel in Ecuador. At Rebecca Adventure Travel you can now book trips and excursions for the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Columbia and Peru (and soon also for Argentina and Chile) online or in the Ecuafina store in Zutphen. Examples of excursions include canyoning, bird watching, diving, hiking and ziplining. If you book a trip or excursion here, you also support the local communities. A win-win situation, right?

Rebecca has lived in Ecuador for almost 10 years and is married to her great love Andres, with whom she has two children. Rebecca maintains contact with the weavers and other artisans and visits the local communities several times a year to ensure the high quality of the products and to design new products together with the local population.



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