5x must-see & must-do in Ecuador!

Galápagos Islands, a must-see in Ecuador

What’s so special about these islands is that you can really see the evolution theory in practise. Darwin came up with this theory thanks to this place. The islands are formed by the eruptions of the vulcano and differ hugely in nature, which is why you can explore many different animal species and plant species in a small area. Also, if you like snorkeling, hiking or climbing volcanoes, this is the place to be! 

Don’t forget to visit capital Quito! 

The capital Quito is a delightful place to relax when you return from all the activities on the islands. This historical town has a lot of sights within walking distance and A LOT of parks and museums. It’s a great place to grab a bite of the local cuisine, where the locals themselves tend to sit and stay until deep into the night.

Visit the equator to see it in real life

You always talk about the equator, but who has seen it in real life? Ecuador is Spanish for equator and although you can not literally ‘see’ it, there is a well-known monument that shows the line that separates the county. Also known as: the equator. A lot of iconic photographs have been taken here! Time to frame yourself on this special place on earth. 

Climb the volcano in Cotopaxi National Park

For the daredevils amongst us there is a almost 20.000 feet high vulcano to be climbed! It will take you two days to reach the top, but it will be worth it. This vulcano can be found in the Cotopaxi National Park. If you’re not such a fan of climbing volcanoes, the park also offers a lot of bicycle rides throughout the whole park. 

Train Ride Riobamba - Alausi

A train ride doesn’t sound very thrilling at first sight, but it is the perfect way to get to see a lot of this country in a small time window. This train ride of 7 hours is called ‘The Devils Nose’ (beginning to sound more thrilling, doesn’t it?) and shows you the most beautiful places from Riombamba to Alausi. The ascends and descends can be steep and the train will have to rock back and forth to get past them, so maybe it’s not the best idea for people who get car sick quickly. You can get a spot at the roof of the train for the best view! 

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Britt Daemen