Ecuadorian Rugs

Hello! We have a new line of products, and with them, we have a new supplier on our team. His name is Jose Luis Farinango and he is the creator of our new carpets.

Jose Luis is Ecuadorian and lives in the community of Quinchuqui in the canton of Otavalo. Since he was 6 years old he was interested in learning to weave and it was his adoptive father who taught him, since he has never met his biological father. Since then he has always liked to learn about the subject and about other types of handicrafts he can make.

Currently, he works with all kinds of fabrics, such as wool, cotton, among others, and with them, he manages to make garments from ribbons of only 3cm to large pieces of 170cm wide with various colors and designs. His main motivation is always to deliver the best product so that everyone who can enjoy them, has the best memories of his handmade work.

Jose Luis also likes to work in agriculture when it is in season and as a merchant, without ever leaving aside his passion for weaving and handicrafts.

"I wish to spread my crafts and that people know my products and work all around the world".

The new collection of rugs are made of 100% sheep wool. This has many advantages. Wool is sound-absorbing, insulating, dirt-resistant and flame-resistant. This is all due to the natural properties of wool. The rug has a minimalist black and white design, which will look great in many interiors and rooms. Use it, for example, in your bedroom, living room or studio. The rugs are 130 cm wide and 200 cm long and have a timeless diamond pattern. Details of the rug can be seen below and view the rug on our website here.


We are happy to welcome Jose Luis to our EcuaFina family and help him fulfill his great wish! His beautiful rugs are now for sale in our store in Zutphen. And to make your home even more beautiful, check out our woolen blankets and decorative pillows online.

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