These ladies make the most beautiful Ecuafina blankets and ponchos!

Ladies with a sense of color and quality

These are the talented women from the Andes who make beautiful blankets and ponchos for Ecuafina. Their craftsmanship and love for textiles shine through in every piece they create. These warm and stylish creations are perfect to warm you during the cold winter days.

The colors they use are truly fantastic and reflect the rich cultural traditions of the region. It's great to know that you are supporting their craft and heritage when you order from Ecuafina.

And the best part is that you ordered online today and can enjoy their beautiful creations tomorrow. This way you can not only pamper yourself with warmth and beauty, but also have a positive impact on the lives of these talented craftswomen. What a great way to surround yourself with comfort and color, while contributing to fair and sustainable trade.

Styling your interior with plaids

A plaid has become an indispensable addition to any interior. And alpaca wool is much more sustainable and, for example, does not smell? Alpaca wool also does not itch, so it is perfect for people who are sensitive to this.

Give an alpaca plaid as a gift!

An alpaca plaid is the perfect gift for winter. You can choose to enter a different address during checkout, but it is of course more fun to give this gift yourself! Would you rather give something else? Then take a look at the gourmet box with Ecuadorian products, our wool poncho, our Panama hat or give one of the wonderfully warm alpaca scarves as a gift.

Support the hard workers in Ecuador

By purchasing from EcuaFina, you support the local population of Ecuador. Rebecca, the owner of EcuaFina, lives in Ecuador and regularly visits the hardworking residents to purchase products directly. The beautiful products in the webshop are fair trade. In addition, they are made by hand, which gives you a high-quality product. Do you have questions about the products? Please feel free to contact Rebecca or visit the store in Zutphen.