Alpaca wool, the gold of the Andes

Special properties of alpaca wool

The Incas were the first to discover the special properties of alpaca wool, but the fur of the animal is still considered very valuable. For example, the alpaca throw blankets that you can get through EcuaFina are handmade by the locals of Ecuador. In addition to home plaids, the wool has also proven to be very suitable for, for example, ponchos and even clothing. That's because alpaca wool is lightweight, very airy, and yet very insulating. Warm in the winter, breathable in the summer. In addition, alpaca wool is naturally dirt and water repellent and is one of the softest wool types available. Special, isn't it?

Baby alpaca wool products

Alpaca wool is already very soft, but there is even something softer: baby alpaca wool. The name is confusing because baby alpaca wool is not (always) made from baby alpacas. This term is more commonly used for the wool that comes from the alpaca when it is first shaved. The wool is still so incredibly soft, after the first shave, the wool will never become so soft again. Do you want a super soft wool plaid, sweater, or shawl made of baby alpaca wool? Then look in the EcuaFina webshop under "Deluxe Originals"!

Prices of alpaca wool plaids

If you are interested in a wool throw, then you have probably noticed that alpaca wool is not one of the cheapest fabrics. Why is that? Alpacas are generally sheared only once a year and you can make one plaid from the wool of an adult alpaca. You understand why it is precious. However, once purchased, you can enjoy this maintenance-free and extremely strong plaid (or shawl, or cardigan, or poncho ...) for years to come.

Britt Daemen