Five Differences Between Alpacas and Llamas

Alpacas and llamas, how are they different?

At first glance, they are difficult to take apart, but if you look into them, they are really different. It is not without reason that we only use alpaca wool for our ponchos and plaids, and not lama wool. In fact, llama wool cannot be made into a garment at all. However, alpaca fur is one of the most luxurious in the world. Of course, you can't easily tell this from a distance, so here are a few more points that can help you tell them apart:

  • The ears. Those of an alpaca is straight, short, and pointed. Llama ears are long and banana-shaped.
  • The face. An alpaca's head is smaller and shorter and has a lot more wool. Llamas have a longer head that doesn't actually have that much hair on it.
  • The size. Llamas are quite tall, whereas alpacas are quite small and cute.
    Behavior. As mentioned above, alpacas are less likely to come to you on their own and are quite shy, shy, and careful. A llama is proud and certainly not afraid. They will come at you faster than run away and they will not resist spitting on you if you don't leave. Fun fact: alpacas can spit, but will only use this as a very last option.
  • Alpacas cannot protect themselves and really need a flock to survive. You often see these in a group. Llamas are a bit more self-centered and could survive on their own.

Either way: both types are great to look at and an alpaca, therefore, gives very fine wool. Have you ever seen our alpaca throw blankets? View the promotions and buy yourself a nice plaid or an alpaca wool garment!

Britt Daemen