Exclusief en gemaakt van pure wol

De mooiste 100% baby alpaca producten uit de Ecuadoriaanse Andes. Hier vind je de fijnste truien, sjaals en kleedjes met liefde gemaakt door een van de 120 vrouwen uit de Ecuadoriaanse gemeenschappen.

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100% Baby Alpaca products

These luxurious unique products are produced in collaboration with a group of 110 indigenous women from different Ecuadorian communities. Did you know that it takes about a month to make an alpaca sweater or alpaca plaid ? The wool of the alpaca is first sheared, then the wool is spun into a thread and with this the various end products are made. This craft is very valuable and that is why we encourage these craftsmen to continue with their beautiful work. Because everything is made by hand, without any machines, it takes a very long time and the costs are therefore quite high. All products are unique and the wool is not dyed and it is 100% ecological. 

Baby Alpaca at EcuaFina

The luxury baby alpaca products are very unique because each item is handmade and no machine is used. Because the production is very small scale, there are only a few items in stock in the Netherlands. If you want to place a larger order, please contact us and it can be produced in Ecuador.